NTL’s strength is its R & D

We are located at Thessaloniki Technology Park, NTL has a modern and new equipped laboratory. Our R&D focuses in developing new innovative & cost effective products meeting our customers’ specific requirements & market demand. We develop & upgrade continuing and ongoing resin formulations. We turn innovative ideas to realizable value-added solutions. We are conscious of environmental responsibility.

NTL’S Joint R&D project with dedicated universities & institutes

Realizing at earlier stage of our activities that the bonding strength of a board consists of two parts, the resin and the wood, and thus NTL is actively engaged in technological alliances & research collaboration projects with dedicated Universities & Wood Engineering technology Institutes for better understanding the behavior and performance of different wood species & develop most suitable & best suit resin technology system.

  • Analyzing wood composition, determination of cellulose & lignin, wood penetration, testing for extractions, (i.e.: alcohols, fatty acids, tannins, proteins, etc.)
  • Fiber Modification techniques (FPFibre+Project)
  • Enhancement of properties & recyclability of recovered fibers in various wood materials thru thermal & chemical modification, resin treatment, etc.
  • Resins for application with bagasse and other annual & fast growing plants, etc.
  • Lignin incorporation in formaldehyde-based resins, etc.