For over 30 years of worldwide experience, we continuously offer technology for precise & tailor-made resins for the wood based panel industry.


NTL’s Resin Portfolio for wood based panels.


You can achieve emission levels down to natural wood at the most cost effective manner.


Commited to customers and combined with the best quality technical service available to meet the challenging needs ahead.


We provide Engineering Services for complete Resin Plant of different sizes.

NTL Chemical Consulting provides Licensing Resin Technology (know-how) of amino and phenolic resins (UF, UmF, MUF, MF, MUPF, PF) along with technical support, for the wood-based panel and engineered wood industry (MDF, Particle Board, Plywood, OSB, LVL, Paper Impregnation, etc.)
NTL’s resin technologies meet the most stringent European, American and Japanese Standards: E1, Ε0.5, CARB 2,
E0 (F***), Super E0 (F****) at the most cost effective manner.
NTL provides complete Engineering Services for the construction and operation of Resin Plants of different sizes.