NTL can provide technology not only for the forest product industries but also, with the support of our global partner network,  for a wide spectrum of other industries, such as mineral wool for thermal & heat isolation, abrasives, grinding wheels, molding compounds, textile, paper, etc.

Below a list of the other specialty’s products:

PF resins for manufacture of rock wool & glass wool

PF resin for the production of grinding wheels

PF resins for coated abrasives (abrasive paper)

PF resins for molding compounds

PF resins for friction linings

PF resins for foundry industry

PF resins for impregnated kraft papers for shuttering and honeycomb

PF resins for impregnated papers for dielectrics and fireproof

UF Etherified resins for manufacture of firelighters

UF resins for foil and paper lamination on ‘hot roll’ and gypsum board manufacture

UF resins for manufacture of glass fiber matt and glass tissue & spun glass air filter

UF cationic resins for anchor coating and for making cellophane

UF agricultural for fertilizer

UF spray dried

DMDHEU for textile treatment

MF Etherified resins for paper filter impregnation-automotive, paper foil coatings

MF resin for concrete forming

MF base polymer for printing inks

MF cationic resins for manufacture of glass fiber matt and glass tissue & for enchasing wet strength of paper

Additives for manufacture of Flame retardant Kraft paper