NTL provides consultancy for one-part formaldehyde based resin technology, along with technical support ensuring performance of the most stringent European,  American and Japanese Standards of Board Class: V20, V313, V100 and Formaldehyde Class: E1, Ε0.5, CARB-II, E0 (F***), Super E0 (F****) at the most cost effective manner.

Furthermore & as alternative, with our Innovative 3 resin technology systems combined of a Low emission resin, Polymerized Scavenger & Cross-linker, you can achieve emission levels down to natural wood.

NTL 3 parts resin technology system works hand-in-hand with the base resin, has excellent shelf life, is suitable to apply to any PB & MDF line, no need any additional capital investment cost, can be used with existing mill equipment without adversely affecting resin cure & board properties.

Due to the Polymerized Scavenger is substituted part of the base resin, this technology is typically less expensive compared to one-part resins or scavenger solutions and can achieve emission levels down to natural wood at less cost.